3 reasons why you need images to promote your books:

1. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to read text.
2. Infographics are "liked" and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content.
3. Research shows tweets that include a photo or video receive 150% more engagement and Facebook 65% more.

Need Ideas? - Find 20 ideas for what to put on social media images by scrolling down.

Website, Social Media & Newsletter Headers/Banners

Used at the top of your website or social media site to identify your brand and advertise your books (or product). - $50

See examples of banners in the slideshow below:

Trick Me Once FB Banner
Trick Me Once FB Banner

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Lynn Crandall - Newsletter 828 x 315
Lynn Crandall - Newsletter 828 x 315

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Nancy Loyan's FB Banner
Nancy Loyan's FB Banner

Describe your image.

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Trick Me Once FB Banner
Trick Me Once FB Banner

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Social Graphics

Advertising graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - $35 for first image, $15 for additional images with same book and message. See example of a package below for all 4 social media sites $70 for all 4 (save $10):

Facebook Designs Gallery

See the slideshow below for examples of Facebook ads:

Need Ideas? Here's 20 ideas for what authors can put on your images.

Consider 80:20 rule - 4 posts to inform, educate or entertain:1 post to promote your book.


  1. Special promotions: limited-time offers, contests, giveaways

  2. Contest winner’s name and a picture of their prize

  3. New release details

  4. Upcoming event or good news – include your friend’s good news

  5. Character quotes – consider the theme of your book

  6. Review quotes

  7. Inspirational quotes – related to the theme or a character’s development

  8. Thank you messages – for reviews, retweets, shares.

  9. Tips – lessons learned by a character

  10. Benefits your book provides

  11. Picture of your workspace or bookshelves

  12. Excerpt from your book

  13. Ask a question. Ex: How far would you go to save someone you loved who didn’t know you?

  14. Photos that relate to the setting of your book

  15. Your backlist

  16. Screenshots of nominations, awards, press news

  17. Interesting props related to your book

  18. Song playlists – yours or a character’s

  19. Things you love – books, hobbies, travel, charities, pets

  20. A skill you learned to write your book