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Use Images to Sell Books and Grow Your Brand

You’ve all heard the cliché, a picture tells a thousand words. Well, it’s true! Think about where your gaze is drawn on social media posts, or on a website page—to a picture. In today’s competitive market, you should be using images to promote your books.

Your social media posts shouldn’t be solely geared to selling your books, or people will get turned off. Consider the 80:20 rule—4 posts to inform, educate or entertain:1 post to promote your book. The information you share on social media should relate to your brand. Share who you are: your interests, hobbies, beliefs, values etc. to help you connect with others.

Size matters. Be sure to check the image size requirements for each social media platform, so your message is not cut off. Look online for social media cheat sheets to get the proper dimensions.

Use bright, contrasting colours that stand out. Light-coloured fonts on dark backgrounds or vice versa. Large text in clear fonts are easier to read.

Repurpose your images and content. Here are a few ideas for more things to do with the images/content you’ve taken time to create.

Amazon Gift Card

Most people love getting gift cards. Use them for online contests, raffles, or events. You can’t ask people to buy your book with the card, but you can remind them where they got it by uploading a picture to Amazon that includes your latest book cover, tag line and website. An image size of 800 x 500 pixels works nicely. Repurpose the design by posting on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Reader Magnets

Invite readers to join your email subscriber list with an eye-catching image in both the front and back of your books and on your website’s home page. It’s important to use something enticing here—an image—not just text with a link. Tell them about your next release and offer exclusive content and/or a free book!


Use postcards/rackcards to promote your books at conferences, book festivals, local shops and offices like your dentist, doctor, chiropractor, hairdresser etc. Bring your own display rack to make it easy. Use bold text to advertise an online freebie like a downloadable ebook. Include a photo of yourself, so people remember who you are. Add a snappy tagline, short excerpt, website, social media contacts and where your books are available. Don’t forget to use both sides of the card. Resolution should be 300 dpi for printing.

Also, if you’re a guest on a blog or Facebook group promoting your new release, send this image along with your gues blog post, instead of just sending a copy of your book cover. It will stand out!

Thank Yous

I like to thank people who retweet my posts on Twitter. I keep the twitter message simple, add about a dozen twitter usernames, and attach an image sized 400 x 220 pixels. People seem to love the thank you and they always get retweeted . You can also welcome new followers this way.


Favicons are those little images that show up beside website addresses in your browser and bookmarks. Yes, they’re tiny, but they are still a way to display your author brand. Readers will get used to associating your favicon with you. Many website builders have a place for you to upload an favicon image/site icon. They are often 16 x 16 pixels.


People still love their paper books. Ebooks have grown in popularity over the years, but according to many sources, print books sales increased in 2017. Like many readers, I read both ebooks and print. I love bookmarks, use them all the time, and love giving them away. Here’s another place to remind readers to find you on social media, visit your website, read a rave review or short excerpt.

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