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Make Your Images Awesome by Considering the Feeling Colours Invoke.

You don’t have to be a designer to bring good design into your life. There are simple rules you can follow to make your photos, website, banners, event posters and party invitations look professional and inviting.

Before you begin your project, think about using colours and colour psychology to capture attention. What kind of mood do you wish to invoke? Energetic or soothing?

Most people have an intuitive sense for colours that look good together. There’s no right or wrong colour palette, but do keep in mind, the colours you choose will evoke emotion. Even a colour's shade or tone makes a difference in how it feels. Consider how bright colours can feel happy and paler colours can feel soothing.

The Colour Wheel

Studies show that a person’s attention is captured by contrasting colours, so consider using colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel such as: green/red, yellow/purple, orange/blue. These colour combinations tend to look good together. 

Colours mean different things to different people and cultures, so we can’t make sweeping assumptions that cool colours like blue, green and purple with be perceived as soothing and peaceful to everyone, and warm colours like red, yellow and orange will convey energy and joy.

But generally speaking, people agree there is a perceived appropriateness to colours, so perhaps think about this when choosing colours for your designs and your brand. Here’s a quick guide to consider:

Green represents ecology, wealth, go (green light) and is calming.

Blue represents loyalty, tranquility and is soothing.

Purple represents luxury, royalty, spirituality and serenity.

Yellow represents warmth, happiness, light-heartedness and excitement. 

Orange is fun, friendly and playful.

Red is attention-grabbing, stimulates appetite and evokes love, passion, drama and danger.

Pink is feminine, sweet, light-hearted and evokes friendliness.

Grey is sleek, modern, futuristic and calming.

Black represents power, elegance, authority and sophistication. 

I hope these short, colour tips help you with your next design project.

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