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Learn to Use GIMP, a FREE Graphic Design Program like Photoshop

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Would you like to design your own professional marketing materials and even book covers? Social media loves images, so a picture can tell a thousand words to ten times that many readers. In this competitive market, it's not only advantageous, but imperative you use images to promote your books and grow your brand.

In this workshop, we’ll use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a FREE program that works like Photoshop. This basic level course helps you become comfortable with the program and teaches the skills necessary to make your own custom designs. You’ll learn to work with the toolbox, understand layers, choose colours, add a gradient, make a palette, add text to your image and other things.

During this introductory workshop, you’ll take it step-by-step at your own pace. There are over 95 pictures to follow as you create your own custom graphic design to post on your favourite social media site. It can also be used as an Amazon gift card, so the next time you give away a free e-book, the recipient will see your book cover on the gift card. If you don’t have a book cover yet, this is still a great exercise to learn GIMP basics for any image you wish to create.

See below for examples of the social media graphic you'll learn to create.

I'm teaching a special three-week online workshop!

When: April 9 - April 30

Where: Slack - I'll send you details

Cost: $20! (savings of $17)

To register, please email me at: sclare@sharonclare.com


“Thank you so much for this wonderful class. I've taken many classes but this one was perfect. Your pace and explanations were fabulous. I'm looking forward to the next one.” — Ruth A. Casie

“Thanks! Loving this class, and how much I can do with this new tool. I am gonna be sooooo ready when I get my cover for my June release.” — Denise Smoker

“I’m really satisfied with your class. Your step by step lessons are excellent. I now can create ads and posts for my promos and I thank you for that.” — Sandy

“Hey Sharon! Thanks again for offering this class. I think I've learned a LOT! but you still might see me in another class in the future.” — Leigh

“Many thanks for your terrific instruction, Sharon, and especially for your patience with those of us who are somewhat technically challenged.” — Arlene Mahood

“I've really enjoyed the class. If you ever do another more advanced one, let me know! It's so nice to have a second graphics program to play with. Now if I can just stop playing and get back to writing!” — Kristen Painter

“This was a great class. I am forever grateful for the color picker and other tools. Now I can approach GIMP with a little more confidence. Your instructions were clear and your encouragement kind. Fabulous job.” — Megan

“Sharon! LOVE the class. Your instructions were great. I hope you do an advanced class!”

— Cynthia

“Thank you for all your assurances, Sharon. The notebook I compiled from all your lessons will be invaluable as I continue to tackle this GIMP beast.” — Susan

“Sharon - it was SO much fun to work through your lessons. Thank you so much!” – Amy Caldwell

Want to take the course at any time on your own? Find the course and lesson plans here: Spread Your News with GIMP for Authors

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