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7 Ways to Build Excitement with Your Book Cover

1. Share your cover with your email list/newsletter subscribers. Include a paragraph about why you wrote the book.

2. Reveal your cover on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Post your cover on your website with the blurb and pre-order links. Change your banner to include your new cover, a catchy tagline/rave review/short excerpt and release date.

4. Update all your social media banners with your new cover, tagline, release date, and a call to action to pre-order now!

5. Create an inventory of images using your cover plus short excerpts from your book, early reviews if you have them, author quotes, character dialogue, and theme-related tag lines to post on your favourite social media platforms.

6. Build excitement with a count-down to release date: one month, one week, one day before publication by posting from your inventory of images.

7. Be sure to share other things on social media besides your book. Engage fans by sharing things about yourself. Examples: your hobbies, other book recommendations, latest Netflix binge, favourite recipe, pets, kids, day job, health tips, travels, relationships. All the better if some of these are themes in your book.

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