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The Loyalist's Daughter Final Ebook Cove
for Clarity The Bridge Club Final Ebook
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Murder @ Black Mesa Cafe Final Ebook Ver
Between Witches and Angels Ebook Cover.j
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The Long Revenge Ebook FINAL.jpg
Show Me How to Live Part 1 final ebook c
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Love of Her Lives Final Ebook Cover.jpg
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In for a Spell Final Ebook Cover 2.jpg
Faith in Abertillery Final Ebook Cover.j
50% Clear Your Cravings Final Ebook Cove
The Man Behind the Marathons Final Ebook
The Boys Club Final Ebook Cover.jpg
Power Play FINAL Cover Design Ebook.jpg
Dark Lagoon Final Ebook Cover.jpg
The Healer Final Ebook Cover.jpg
Devoured Final Ebook Cover.jpg
Organ Grinder Ebook FINAL.jpg
Two Women and Too Many Step Kids FINAL e
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Chill Cover of the Month Dec. 2020 Badge
Between Witches and Angels Ebook Cover.j

Sharon Clare is a phenomenal designer. Her natural ability to transform a few words into a landscape of vivid color, thoughts, and emotions is truly her gift. She is very efficient and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a unique and polished cover. I look forward to working with Sharon in the future. Worth her weight in gold. – Althea Jewel.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon Clare from Clarity Book Cover Designs for the last four years. Sharon’s graphics are imaginative and stand-out in the ever changing market of book publishing. She also processes an inherit understanding of an author’s point of view. I believe that special talent comes from the fact she’s a multi-published author—and walks in our shoes. I highly recommend Sharon Clare and Clarity Book Cover Designs. I look forward to working with her for years to come."  Nancy C. Weeks, Romantic Suspense Author

"I asked Sharon Clare to design the cover for my “Dear Lilith” series because of her amazing talent for graphic art and her incredible eye for detail. I love how she adds the smallest touches that enrich her covers and make them memorable. In Clarity Book Cover Designs, I found quality that exceeded my high expectation. Sharon is creative, extremely professional, and a real joy to work with. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone who wants a gorgeous cover that’s just right for you and your market." — Lilith Darville

"Sharon Clare has created beautiful and striking book covers and graphics for me for several years, and every product she has produced has been exactly what I needed and wanted. She has the ability to find the kernel in my book information that best promotes my stories and my writing. Her skills are amazing. She is very professional and a delight to work with. Anyone seeking creative services would find a gem in Sharon, but she's mine you can't have her. LOL"  Lynn Crandall

"Sharon is a talented designer who turns ideas into reality. She's easy to work with and reliable. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and  highly recommend her services."  Nancy Loyan